We offer beeswax, produced in Bulgaria, for produce of candles, cosmetics, impregnation of wood and metal, as well as for more than 100 other applications. We offer three types of wax:

Dark (brown) wax: this is a wax with high content of findings of residues from the hive. This makes it  fragrant and it is a preferred raw material for making ritual candles, impregnation of metal and wood, etc. Ritual candles made of dark wax burn evenly and completely. Moreover, they have an intense honey scent that fills up the room.

Light wax (shades of yellow, orange and gray): this is a wax with low content of fine findings of residues from bee products. This is the most commonly used wax for ritual candles. The characteristic scent of honey/wax is preserved. It is suitable for any use.

Purified light wax (pale yellow/orange, bright yellow/orange) – this is a well-purified wax without any findings of residues, which is mainly used to make thicker and more massive decorative beeswax candles, which require purity for proper burning. During the purification, a large part of the scent of the wax is extracted together with the bee findings of residues. A pleasant mild honey scent remains and a pure light color without findings of residues and without any pattern to darker shades.