Suitable for standard size of seven-branched candlestick – menorah.

The set includes 45 candles, enough for all 8 nights, including a Shamash candle.

Hanukkah Beeswax candles used mostly in religious rituals and holidays such as Hanukkah, Pesach, Shabbat. Beeswax candles are used also for home decor and comfort, aromatherapy, relaxation, etc. Candles made of beeswax are suitable for use indoors in compliance with fire safety measures. 

They have a natural honey scent. The natural colors of the beeswax  can have different shades of bright yellow, orange, beige and brown. Each batch of candles has a different natural color. 

When burned properly, they do not drip and burn out completely.

Candle sizes:

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  • Detailed information

    Candle sizes in inches
    5" /45 candles in a set
    6" /45 candles in a set
    9" /45 candles in a set
    Thickness - 3/8" approx. perfectly fit in standard size menorah.

    Candle sizes in cm
    13cm /45 candles in a set
    15cm /45 candles in a set
    22cm /45 candles in a set
    Thickness - 0.95cm approx. perfectly fit in standard size menorah.