The beeswax candles workshop

for tealights, votive and dipped candles

Sveshten is a beeswax candles workshop based in Bulgaria. We develop the production, maintaining the highest quality standards.

In 2009 we acquired the first bee colony and by 2013 we increased them to more than 100 colonies.
Later in 2017 we started production of handmade decorative, tealight, votive, taper and other types of candles. That was a great and completely natural idea to supplement our range of bee products. In 2020 we bought a semi-automatic machine for dipped candles. We constantly adding new equipment for new types of candles. To date, the production of beeswax candles is our main business.

We support local farmers by buying wax from beekeepers in nearby areas as well as from all over the country. The wicks for the ritual candles are made of high quality cotton, produced by a Bulgarian manufacturer. Boxes, packaging and advertising materials are also made by local businesses.

Our production is environment friendly. Production of our candles does not generate any waste that requires recycling or disposal. The packaging we using are made of recycled paper and none plastic packaging. 

We have chosen to produce beeswax candles, because they are suitable for burning indoors. This is fact because they do not emit harmful substances into the air. Burning a beeswax candle even improves the air in the room, by burning the air dust and even has a relaxing effect.

Beeswax candles are a desirable product because of the unique natural scent of honey. The warm flame color, and the longer burning time. We are proud of our beeswax candles. You can be proud too, having them at home and enjoying their vivid amber flames.
Our beeswax candles making workshop is read to produce your candles.

Our experience with beeswax

Currently we keep more than 100 bee colonies. This experience helped us to get to know the character and properties of beeswax. It was the foundation for our decision to start making beeswax candles. Today, after years of production and use of candles. We know this wonderful material very well and we are proud of the excellent characteristics of our products.

Production technology

Among all the types of candle production, dipping technology is the most interesting and inspiring for us. Handmade candles helped us a lot in learning what quality should be achieved. Especially now when we are already use machines as well. Today, we produce dipped candles with a semi-automatic machine, which helps but still every candle is made by our hands.