Beeswax candles – candles with minimal waste and environmental damage

Beeswax candles – candles with minimal waste and environmental damage

When we talk about a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation. Looking for nature friendly alternatives to some of our favorite foods and stuff it’s not easy. The vast majority of the products we buy every day are wrapped in plastic and it is almost impossible to escape from this. If you have tried to look for candles that are packaged and produced with a minimal amount of non-recyclable waste, then the beeswax candles we produce could be exactly what you are looking for!

Чаени и вотив свещи пълнители

Compared to other natural waxes for making candles, such as soy and palm wax, beeswax differs in that it burns perfectly and completely on its own, without need for additives – hardeners and combustion improvers. This means that, unlike other vegetable waxes, beeswax candles can be burned without a container. Even the candles that are made to liquefy completely, such as tealight and votive candles, the aluminum or glass container is most often reusable. It can be supplemented with candles of filler type for tealight and votive containers. Even when the glass container for tealight and votive candles gets too dirty and you feel guilty that you have to throw it away – do not rush. You can clean the container with hot water, which will remove most of the dirt.

Choose candles of beeswax for minimal waste

If you choose the most suitable candles for your lifestyle – with minimal waste and environmental damage – then the most suitable candles for you are the high taper candles we offer. They will provide you with a long burning time, with no residue in the end, because they burn out completely. We have already mentioned tealight and votive candles, which can be purchased as fillers and burned in reusable glass containers, or in glass food containers of similar size.

The production of our candles generates almost no waste. The total production waste for one working week is not more than 1 kilogram. Mostly paper from packages and bags in which the wax has been transported from the beekeepers to our candle workshop. These are mostly used sacks of sugar, food, feed, etc. because they have found a second use before being disposed of separately in a suitable container.

About 1–2% of organic waste from cellulose, chitin shells and other bee waste remains from wax processing, which is an ideal fertilizer for fertilization. When wrapping the candles, we use only packages made of recycled paper – corrugated cardboard and recycled wrapping paper.