The Materials for candle making we use

Pure Beeswax and Cotton Wicks

Just pure beeswax and cotton wick – that’s all needed for the perfect candles. Beeswax candles burn warmer, with a typical yellow flame. They smell wonderfully with a natural honey scent and create pleasure even before they are lit. The colors have yellow, orange and brown shades. Candles are flexible at room temperature, can be bent, braided and modeled. Suitable for burning without risk to deteriorate the air quality. They have a relaxing effect on the body.

Pure beeswax for candle making

Pure Beeswax processing

Beeswax is the most perfect material for making candles of entirely natural origin – produced by bees. It is the only natural wax for candles that does not require arable land for its production – the result of the perfect symbiosis between the beekeeper and the bees. It is obtained as a by-product in the production of honey. Compared to other types of wax, beeswax burns better, brighter, with a higher temperature and longer than other types of wax. It does not need chemical treatment, additives, or enhancers to improve these properties. The pleasant natural honey scent of beeswax is another wonderful advantage over all other types of waxes.

In order to be sure of the beeswax purity, we buy it as raw wax, personally, on the spot, from beekeepers from all over Bulgaria. The only processing of raw wax that we perform before the production of ritual candles is melting and fine filtering, without use of chemicals. That is why our ritual candles have authentic colors and honey scent, and they burn out completely. 

Wicks of 100% cotton

We use wicks made of high quality cotton. The wick for each of our candles has a carefully selected number of strands of braid and density. Before production, we test each batch of wax by burning several candles of different sizes with different wick sizes. Thus, we monitor whether the batch has similar qualities to previous batches and select the appropriate wick sizes. We can guarantee that the wick will ensure the slowest and most complete burning of the candle. With less likelihood of dripping, without the flame being too large and without causeless smoking. 

Cotton Wicks for our candles
Different colors beeswax for candle making

Natural beeswax colors and scents

Beeswax is obtained from honey сарріngѕ, melting of wax brасе соmbs and obsolete wax combs. The color varies from light yellow to dark brown. The pure beeswax without impurities is pearly white in color. Depending on the available fоrаgе in nature, the bees mix it with pollen and propolis and so the wax darkens to yellow, beige and brown color. Each piece of beeswax has a different color. The multiple mixed pieces give the color of our candles.

It has a natural honey scent, which is due to findings of residues from other bee products that bees add to the wax. The darker wax has a more saturated scent, while the purified light waxes have a light and pleasant honey scent.

Candles of pure beeswax and cotton wick – it’s that simple and perfect.