Why should we be responsible to

The bees

A honeybee visits an average of 7,000 flowers a day, playing a huge role in pollinating plants, which are important for food supplies security and biodiversity. Pollinators face various threats, including: poisoning, moving of their habitats, and lack of a variety of food in nature, all caused by human activities. In the context of highly developed agriculture, industrialization and urbanization, bees have no other chance of survival than to be kept, bred and protected by beekeepers.

Choose beeswax candles to help the bees

By choosing beeswax candles, you are directly helping to protect the bees by stimulating their keeping. Each candle made of beeswax is delivered to our candle workshop by a beekeeper who keeps dozens or hundreds bee families.

What do we do to protect bees?

We keep and constantly invest in more than 100 bee families, taking care of their survival in the winter, helping the bees to fight parasites, protecting them from poisoning during spraying crops and keeping their nests and hives in good condition.