Candles of 100% beeswax and cotton wick

We create church, orthodox, hanukkah, ritual, tealight, votive and other candles of beeswax

Sveshten is a candle workshop for dipped and poured candles, which we produce from 3 elements – 100% beeswax, cotton candle wick and all our love. We produce handmade candles of beeswax using an old method, which is still used today – by dipping. For our candles, we do not use any vegetable waxes that require deforestation and destruction of habitats to create agricultural land necessary for their production. We do not use petroleum waxes either, because they emit harmful gases during burning. We create candles from beeswax only, and this production does not require any compromises, nor is made at the expense of something else. In this way, we support the people who keep and protect the bees in Bulgaria.

We create light for people

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